22 February 2023

1748. Destihl Hawaii Five Ale

I should have known.
Wait, first things first.
Tonight Jason Maier, Jason Richardson and myself are recording our March episode of Shane Talks.
I'm opening the episode discussing this beer.

Back to the beer.
After the terrible taste of the Peanut Butter Cup over the weekend, I was scared to buy this beer.
And for good reason.
But it said "coconut" and you KNOW those are my magic words to get me to buy a beer.  
Or a drink.
Or a deodorant.
Or a body spray.
Or a body wash.
Or a candle.
Or a lotion.
It's just a magical word!

Destihl is NOT becoming a favorite brewery of mine.
My first clue, when I poured the beer, it sounded like I was pouring a fizzy soda.
My first drink had ZERO flavor to it - like it had less flavor than a Miller High Life.
However, some favor does sneak into the back, but it's not a nice blending of th flavors, it's like drinking a suicide from the gas station.  They are all just there, and don't work well together.

Major disappointment.

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