17 February 2023

Founders Green Zebra Rankings

Showed up at Joe's Fishers tonight to hang out with my buddy Ben.
My friend Durant was bartending, and was very happy to show off the Green Zebra Variety Pack that he ordered for the bar.  I saw this a perfect opportunity to try some tasty new beers for the website.

And now, I'm going to give my final rankings.

#1. Mango.  There's just something great about this one.  The mango flavor is powerful and sour, and I think it's really tasty.
#2. Watermelon.  The original, it's still delicious, and it's so refreshing.  Perfect flavor.
#3. Pineapple.  Not sour, not tart, just a powerful pineapple flavor that would be perfect for sitting on the beach on a hot summer day.  Very refreshing.
#4.  Peach.  Blah.  Not a fan.  Very powerful peach flavor, that's not sour or tart at all.  If you like peach, you should like this - I do not.

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