06 November 2022

1708. Black Dog My Girl Strawberry

This is my "Colts Beer" for this week.
And every week I remember that I no longer have a Colts pint glass, and I need to fix that.  I wonder if I will remember before the season ends?  Since I don't have a Colts glass, and the Colts are playing outside of Boston today, I'm using my Cheers pint glass that I got when I visited the original Bull & Finch Pub, many many years ago - when Jason lived in Boston.  Jason and his brother Dave are at the game today.  I was supposed to be with them, but you know - life has been rough recently.  So, I've told them to have a good time, but that I hope their team lets them down.

To the beer:
This is my first ever beer from Black Dog, and they're only about 45 minutes from me, so someday I need to go give them a visit.
Reading the label of the beer - it sounds like they did the exact same thing that Big Woods did with their Six Foot Blonde (Beer #192) when they altered it into Strawberry Six Foot Blonde (Beer #1308).

My review of this beer is basically the same - despite never having the My Girl original version.
This beer is light, its refreshing, its easy to drink, and the strawberry flavor is subtle.  This is a good summer beer.  It's November, but feels like summer outside today, so I guess this is appopriate.

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