13 November 2022

1712. Sea Dog Blue Paw

I've never had anything from Sea Dog - but the name jumped out at me while I was walking the aisles of Total Wine yesterday.  I needed three single cans, one for the Pacers games, one for SNL, and one for the Colts game that's about to kickoff.  When I saw the blue can, and then the name of the beer included "blue" - I knew it was a sign, that this was my Colts Beer for today.

Unlike yesterday's "juice" cherry beer - this actually tastes like a high quality ale, with a solid blueberry taste to it.  It's a little drier that I would expect, but that's combated by the fruity blueberry flavor.  It's not tart at all, just blueberry.

Let's hope this "blue" beer can ward away any Colts blues, and Jeff Saturday can somehow figure out a way to get us a win today.  GO COLTS!

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