12 November 2022

1711. Voodoo Oh Mama

When I was at Total Wine today, I was looking at their single cans, and as soon as I saw the STYX logo, I knew I needed this beer, I didn't even care what style of beer it was going to be.

I'm happy it turned out to be a Golden Ale, and I'm happy it tastes pretty good.
It packs a really powerful malty punch up front, it's not as light and easy as it looks, and it's a little more dry in backend then I prefer, but I still really like the beer.

And that makes sense, as this beer comes from the same brewery that gives me the AMAZING Lacto-Kooler (Beer #1629).  My personal sadness comes from knowing they are a Pittsburgh brewery, and the Oh Mama can discusses how this song is used at Heinz Field during Steelers games.  Sigh.

But tonight, I'm getting myself pumped up for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, while I'm cranking STYX in my kitchen - because THE GOAT DAVE CHAPPELLE is hosting SNL tonight.  So, I've got a few minutes to go, while I continue to enjoy this golden-deliciousness.

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