05 November 2022

1706. Prairie Artisan Cocoa Berry

It's been a week since I had a beer, and it's been eight days since I added a new one.
So, I took a road trip today and learned my (former) favorite liquor store no longer sells beer singles, which sucks - they always had a large area where I could easily make two mix-n-match six packs.  They have also quit selling bombers - and they used to have an entire aisle of delicious bombers, where I would go for special occasions.  Well, that's over, so I don't think I'll ever go back there.  Luckily, my Beer Brother John long ago introduced me to Parti Pack, and they do sell by the single.  John warned me that they don't have as much as Pre-COVID, and that's sadly true.  But, I was still able to put together four new beers, and tonight, I'm opening the one I'm most intrigued by.

Prairie Artisan never fails.  I've loved everything I've tried from them.

So, I'm watching SNL.  Amy Schumer is the host tonight, and as always, I'm just waiting for the Weekend Update.  I really love Colin and Che.  

Back to the beer.  There is SO MUCH going on here.
Maybe too much?
Lemon and Lime.  Also Orange.  Raspberry and Blueberry.  Also Grapefruit.
Cacao Nibs and Marshmallow.  
It's an imperial - but it doesn't feel like it.  It goes down smooth and easy, with a little tart, and the Grapefruit flavor really stands out above everything else.

Cecily Strong is in the opening sketch.  I'm a big fan of hers.  For many reasons.

So, the beer smells fruity, it goes down like a light ale, the grapefruit flavor hits hard, and then the cacao lingers in the aftertaste.  I planned on only one beer tonight, but two-thirds of this one has been drank while I was trying to figure out the flavors.  This is an imperial?  Maybe I will feel it later.  Maybe I'll crack open a second beer when it gets to the Weekend Update?

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