26 November 2022

1714. BrewDog It's a Beaut!

BrewDog has done it again!
Pairing with a media that I love - this time it's "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation".
So, I popped the movie on the iPad, and opened up the beer to enjoy while I'm watching.
I've also got some Christmas-themed "Christmas Vacation" chocolates to pair the beer with (even though I'm not a big chocolate fan, I wanted to try the pairing...).

The beer is a decent stout.
The toffee gives it a nice sugary-sweet taste on the front.
Sadly, the backend of this beer is very dry - which I assume comes from the pecan flavor.
I usually don't mind pecans, they're okay - but the aftertaste this beer leaves is kind of blah to me.

Overall, I think the good outweighs the bad in this beer.
The full-stout with sweetness is enjoyable, and I can deal with the flavor I don't like.
As the beer has been warming up, it's definitely hitting the mouth a little different, in a good way.  The dry aftertaste is still present, but it doesn't seem as powerful as it originally was out of the can.

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