22 January 2023

1735. Pax Verum Indiana Pale Ale

Part TWO of today's Double Header.
The Bengal shocked the Bills (which I'm happy about, since Cincy is the sister city to Munich).
Now, I'm rooting for my friend, who is a huge Cowboys fan.

And for the second beer, the honest truth is that I've tried this before.
Back during the Pax Verum visit, this was one of the beer we taste-tested that day.
I liked my sample that day, so I wanted to make sure to get it on the website.

One thing I enjoy about this beer, is that all of the ingredients are from Indiana. (Hence the name)
I like this pale, because it's NOT bitter, and it's not hop heavy.
37 IBUs isn't bad, and it almost has a malty-ale flavor profile.
The aroma is appealing, and the beer doesn't let down.
Again, it's not a typical pale, and hop heads will be disappointed, but it's something I enjoy.

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