11 December 2022

1716. Founders French Toast Bastard

This week’s SNL Beer!
For the past couple of weeks, my buddy Garrett has been texting me every time he drinks one of these beers. 
So, I picked one up for SNL this week. 

The beer is good - it’s not as good as my hopes had been built up to - but it’s still really enjoyable. 

The maple aroma is very strong upfront, and it has a full and heavy flavor to the beer. The cinnamon flavor might be too much for me - and as the beer warms up more, the cinnamon kicks in more.  But the maple backend and lingering flavor really does make this beer special.  My lips are sticky and when I lick them, that maple flavor is there too. 

This is a really solid beer, and is also very deceptive. 
In gives you no indication that it is 11% ABV.  It goes down so easy. 

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