15 December 2022

1719. Bier Brewing Christkindlmarkt

Christkindlmarkt is one of my favorite events that happens here in Indy (Carmel), and finding out that Bier had brewed a specific beer for this year was cool.

The can claims its an Orange and Chocolate Dunkelweizen.
Ok.  The orange wasn't very detectable - but it's possible because I drank it out of a can.
(Looking back, I had have my Christkindmarkt cup that I could have poured it into...)
I liked the beer, but I didn't love the beer - but again, I am thinking about going back, so that maybe I can let it warm up, and in a cup to try and see how different the flavor profile is with those tannins in my nose.

Still, this beer was very tasty, and was perfect for the chilly weather.
I got to share the night with my buddy Garrett and his family, and it was a very enjoyable time to feel like part of the family.

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