18 January 2023

1731. Pax Verum Expand Your View

After last week's visit to Pax Verum, my weekend trip to Total Wine saw me seeking out some of their beers to add to the website.  I really enjoyed my chat with their owner and brewer, and wanted to make sure I showed them some love on the website.

First, I LOVE THIS CAN.  The eye.  The skull.  The alien.  I think it looks really cool.   The owner of Pax Verum talked a lot about his friend who draws their cans, and his work is dope.  I specifically enjoy this piece on this can.

The can reads: "Robust porter with bourbon barrel aged chocolate malt".
So, this might be the first time that I know of hearing about this version of brewing - aging the malts before brewing?  That's what I assume this statement means.  And since the beer comes in at only 6.8% ABV - I don't believe this aging is done after the beer is brewed, it sounds like the chocolate malts themselves are barrel aged.  I wish I would have known to ask about this when I was there.  I do plan to head out there again soon, and am excited to discuss this exact process.

So, the beer.  It's good.  I dig it.  The chocolate aroma is present, and the flavor is strong when drinking the beer.  There is a subtle hint of bourbon in the drinking, and it's really enjoyable.  It's just there enough to provide some good flavor, but does not overpower the flavor of the beer.  My lips are even a little sweet with a hint of the bourbon when I lick them.  There is a brief, dry flavor in the aftertaste, but it oddly doesn't stick around very long, which is cool.  

It's halftime of the Pacers game, and we aren't looking very good tonight.
Haliburton is obviously our MVP.  I still love this team this year, and have enjoyed watching them - even when we lose.  I didn't expect much this season, and these kids have surpassed all my wants for this season.  

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