03 April 2023

1753. Moody Tongue Steeped Emperor's Lemon

My buddy Ben texted me and asked if I would be interested in sitting outside, enjoying the weather, eating a pizza and drinking some beer - and I quickly replied with "Hell Yes!".  

So, we met up at Pies & Pints, literally one of the best pizza places I've ever enjoyed.
Their dough and sauce are just top-notch.

And they often have beers I've never tried.
Tonight, I started with a beer that was supposed to have a lemon-meringue-pie flavor.
Tart and bready.

And it kind of does, but the bread-like flavoring does work for me, and it's not a sour tart, it's a dry-tart.
It's not bad, but it's not very good either.


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