15 April 2023

1754. DuClaw Give a Crap

It's been a long time since I made a Saturday Morning trip to Total Wine, last few weekends have been busier than normal.
After the Wrexham match, and the Bayern match, I went out to build myself a six pack, to enjoy a few tonight while I watch some basketball and get ready for Ana de Armas on SNL.

When I saw this can on the shelf, I knew I was going to buy it - no matter what style the beer was.
I got very lucky that it turned out to be a sour ale, and some interesting fruits involved.

Also, reading online, I learn that $1 from every sale goes to help with colon cancer.

So, the beer is tasty.
The black currant is honestly probably the strongest flavor upfront, but the blueberry flavor does linger.
It's a mild tart, and tasty - I would gladly drink a few more, and throw more money towards colon cancer.

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