17 April 2023

1757. Short's Critterless

Truth be told, this label originally turned me off and I wasn't willing to buy the beer.
But, as I perused around Total Wine, there weren't many beers that looked good to me (it might be time to go to Kahn's next time...?).  And while I was walking around, I couldn't stop thinking about mangos and cherries.  So, when I got five beers, I forced myself to just get this one.

I hate the label. 
When I take a drink, I think bugs are crawling around in my mouth.
Not really, but I hate looking at the can.

The beer is tasty.
It's nice and tart, and I enjoy it.
The cherry flavor is powerful upfront, and then it mellows into a nice mango flavor, that leaves my mouth watering from its tart.

I enjoy it.
I would prefer drinking it on draft in the future, so I never have to see this can again.

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