18 April 2023

1758. New Belgium Dominga Mimosa Sour

This beer sucks.
Tuesday night is my Destiny Video Game Night with two of my good friends.
I'm drinking out of my Destiny pint glass tonight, because I don't normally drink on Tuesday nights, but I had kind of a rough meeting at work today, and even though I know I'm not "in trouble" at work, I just feel like I've been a let down.  Granted, in my venting to co-workers, they've attempted to spin it into a positive for me - I just...  I need a moment to have a beer and help calm my over-reacting-brain.

So, it's video games and beer tonight.

Did I mention this beer sucks?
It's not good at all.
It's not a good tart.
The orange flavor is off.
And whatever is supposed to taste like wine, just sucks.
I don't have anything else to say about this epic failure of a beer.
It mirrors my feelings of epic failure at work.
Sucky day at work.
Sucky beer at home.

Tomorrow is another day.

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