15 April 2023

1756. BrewDog Bushwood Beer

Well, it's almost time for SNL, and I consider this beer to be SNL-adjacent.
BrewDog seems to be fixed on Chevy Chase movies these days, as back during the holidays they did a beer for "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" (Beer #1714), and now they have a beer for "Caddyshack".

Bushwood Beer - named after the prestigious country club - is a "crisp" Pilsner...
Personally, I would not use "crisp" to describe this beer.
It's fine, it's drinkable. but it's a little drier than I enjoy.
It would be fine for outdoor drinking on a golf course, but it doesn't really quench my thirst.

I look forward to what comes next...
Funny Farm-house Ale
Spies Like Us Saison
Nothing But Bourbon Barrel Trouble
Extra Special Bitter European Vacation
Three Mexican Lager Amigos!

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